SPA Massage Marrakech

Welcome to SPA massage Marrakech!

All our massages are made with Argan Oil genuine Nectarôme.

Comfort and well being by Nectarome
A massage deeply relaxing based Verbena to combat stress and relieve tension.

30 min / 30 €
50 min / 40 €
60 min / 50 €

Energy & health by Nectarome
A massage invigorating and energizing based rosemary and mint which invigorates the body and stimulates the senses.

40 min / 50 €

Hot Stone
Relaxation intense thanks to the warmth of volcanic stones.

About 60 min / 60 €

Massage of the back or legs.
A massage relaxing and circulatory, for a well to be immediate.

30 min / 25 €

Massage foot
With many pressure points, it is ideal for tired feet.

Classic : 30 min / 35 €
Reflexology : 30 min / 35 €

Massage face & scalp A massage relaxing and resting for a well being immediate.

20 min / 25 €

Nectarome : what is it, who is it?

For nearly 10 years we provide us with products Nectarome.

It was from Bio-Aromatic Gardens of Ourika Valley that are prepared massage oils Argan or Eucalyptus of the firm, now International: Nectarome.

You can visit the Bio-Aromatic Gardens which are the true laboratory Nectarome . Two doctors, specialists in essential oils (Dc BELKAMEL Jalil and Abdelfatah) have taken up residence.

This garden was born from a passion, an interest in plants, a sensitivity to the environment and the desire to preserve and transmit inheritance millennia…
The 5 missions Gardens are:

  • The cultivation of aromatic plants
  • Distillation
  • Research and development
  • Awareness and eco-tourism
  • The awakening and after school.

After school is an open booms activity for Gardens Bio-Aromatic the Ourika Valley . Each week they host dozens of school children, college students, high school students. Workshops suitable for children are available.