Concierge Marrakech

Concierge Marrakech we have a receptive team on site.

Consisting of Moroccan (s) of course, but also French (es) expatriates to Marrakech for ten years.
So our team can assist you better in choosing your activities and services outside for the duration of your stay :

  • tips, what to visit and which ones to avoid
  • good restaurants
  • reputed bars with live bookings
  • table reservation in the trendiest places in Marrakech
  • Emergency monitoring (doctor, cardio, dentist, physiotherapist, ...)
  • drivers, excursions, quad ...
  • rental car your first 4 × 4 from 49 € (for the participating villas)

Omar FARES accompanies you every day since 2010. is the only agency in this Marrakech with a service Marrakech Concierge available free of charge since 2002!

  • Find a place in the best restaurant in Marrakech when it is full.
  • Find a baby grand piano for a mini concert with a member of your entourage.
  • Find a doctor available at 4 am.
  • Find an emergency dentist while we are in full school holidays.
  • Find a villa available close to home to visit friends passing for 3 nights ...
  • Send flowers to your friends that you have so kindly received.
  • Find a solution for you to read your mail while the connection in your villa is interrupted.

So you guessed it: everything is possible and allowed for our Concierge Marrakech.
Omar bends over backwards and makes every effort to satisfy you.

Finally, Concierge Marrakech is now necessary if you want to enjoy the best places. Moreover Marrakech moves a lot for 5 years. It would be a shame to miss the best because you do not have the right information.