Enjoy Tour Marrakech Souk

SOUKING OF RACHID (includes guide, plus transfers)

  • From 1 to 4 people: 20 euros / person
  • From 5th: 10 euros / person
  • FREE FOR CHILDREN (under 12)

From the famous Djemaa el Fna , our guide offers a real exploration of the souks , in the heart of the Medina of Marrakech , or seems to stir constantly, a motley crowd. Articulated around several shopping districts, grouped by artisanal specialties, bazaars offer the visitor, a maze of alleys, which will live in it as and its exploration, a unique experience for the senses.

During the tour Marrakech souk we see and understand better who buys, who barters, which manufactures and heals!

Feel free to visit the website of the National Moroccan Tourist Office

You will find:

  • The souk of dyers (guaranteed Belles photos because many colors).
  • Chouani souk (Souk basket makers).
  • Habbadine souk (Souk blacksmiths).
  • The souk brass.
  • Smata souk (Souk slippers).
  • Cherratine souk (Souk leather).

Note that on Friday (day of great prayer) the shops close between 11h and 16h.

Word about Rachid, our guide :
Our private guide is exceptional: it will make you live her passion for Morocco and Marrakech with a very high intensity. Rashid is with us since 2011, and all our customers, absolutely all, were enchanted the moment spent with him. Beyond the formal aspect of our guide, Rashid is a great passion that goes further: it will soon be one of the only guide to Morocco to be able to teach the deaf.

COMBO (includes guide, transfers extra)

You can mix as you like previous 3 themes (to do directly with Rashid that will personalize your program)